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Calibration Kits

Accurate, fast, and easy calibration

We offer a broad range of calibration standards and kits for accurate, fast, and easy microsensor calibration – both in the laboratory and in the field. Read more...
Oxygen (O2)
Hydrogen sulphide (H2S or SULF)
Nitrous oxide (N2O)


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Calibration Kits

Complete kits for quick and easy calibration

  • Complete kits for ease-of-use
  • Accurate and reliable calibration
  • Calibrate while sensor is in protection tube using our unique Calibration Cap
  • Cost-effective – no labor and no need for large batches
  • No need for specialized chemicals and gases
  • Lab and field use

The kits contain standards and accessories for seamless calibration. You simply snap the calibration cap onto the protection tube of sensors. This makes it possible for you to test and calibrate the sensor while it is still in the protection tube.

The standards come as single-use containers ensuring freshly prepared calibration buffers for accurate sensor calibration. This eliminates the uncertainties of stored standards and the hassle of preparing standards before each measurement.

Calibration w. cap

Also ideal for use in the field

The Calibration Kits are complete kits with no need for lab supplies, making them perfect for field studies as well.

Note: For certain sensor customizations and adaptations the kits are not suitable. Please consult the specifications for information about compatibility or contact us.

Ordering information
Ordering information
Product Description
Calkit-O2 Oxygen sensor zero-oxygen calibration kit | For 10 calibrations
Calkit-pH pH electrode calibration kit | For 10 calibrations
Calkit-H2S H2S and SULF sensor calibration kit | For 10 calibrations
Calkit-N2O N2O sensor calibration kit | For 10 calibrations
Calkit-N2O High N2O sensor calibration kit for High Range or N2O-R | For 10 calibrations
Calkit-Redox Redox electrode calibration kit | For 10 calibrations