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FDL Mini
2 or 4 channels
Down to 6,000 m depth
Up to 20 days of deployment time

Field DataLogger Mini System

A cost effective way of applying all our sensors in situ with deep sea rating to 6,000 m and long battery life

Measure H2S, O2, pH, Redox, H2, NO and N2O (50 m depth only). The Field DataLogger Mini enables studies of unique analytes, including studies utilizing fast responding sensors (seconds), giving you an opportunity to monitor and obtain unique data in a cost-effective way. Read more...

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Field DataLogger Mini System

Measure unique analytes

The Field Datalogger Mini System offers

  • 6,000 m depth rating
  • 2 or 4 channel versions available
  • Up to 20 days of deployment time
  • Measure ultra low oxygen
  • Export for SensorTrace Logger and CSV file
FDL Mini with sensor

Measure ultra-low oxygen concentration (<10nM) with STOX sensor

The Field DataLogger Mini offers full STOX support and makes it possible for you to study ultra-low oxygen concentrations in e.g. oxygen minimal zones and other environments containing ultra-low oxygen. The STOX microsensor differs from the standard oxygen microsensor by having automatic zero calibration.

This enables the sensor to measure extremely low oxygen concentrations <10nM.

STOX Sensor

Link to ADV’s, CTD’s and other platforms

The flexibility of our Field DataLogger Mini enables you to integrate it into your current platform. Power your Field DataLogger Mini from your CTD, ADV or other source using a 6-28 V supply, and store and synchronize your measured data on your device via our 0-5 V analog output.

FDL Mini connections

Easy setup and data export

Connect sensors, apply polarization and start measuring. After deployment, import data into SensorTrace Logger for visualization of raw and calibrated values. With SensorTrace Logger, you can export into e.g. Excel for further analysis.

Ordering information
Ordering information
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Datalogger Field DataLogger Mini (2 or 4 channels)
Sensor Most Unisense sensors and electrodes
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