Support for Micromanipulators in the field

In Situ Stand

IS19 - for in situ measurement

The in situ stand, IS19, is a robust support for micromanipulators and sensors. It is easily brought into the field and can be used under water as well as in air. Read more...

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IS19 - In SItu Stand

A robust stand for measurements in the field

The In Situ Stand is formed as a spear and can be used alone (IS 19) or mounted on a stable base (FS) e.g. for laboratory use. When used alone, the spear should be placed with the pointed end directly in the sediment in a stable way.

IS in field
Feature Standard
Weight 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)
Length 70 cm (28")
Fixation holes Thread M6 | Spacing between holes 5 cm (2")
Surface treatment Chemically and physically resistant epoxy paint
Limited warranty 1 year
Ordering information
Ordering information
Product Description
IS19 Micromanipulator stand for field use