Software Download

Download the most recent versions of SensorTrace Suite including the free Logger software as well as firmware for UniAmp and Field Microsensor Multimeter. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to reach out to us. We strive to answer within one workday.

Free Software and Firmware Upgrades

We recommend that you keep all computers and field instruments updated with the latest versions of the software and firmware. Otherwise, there is a risk that the computer and instrument cannot communicate due to incompatible versions.

The SensorTrace Suite download contains the free Unisense Logger software, Programming Tool and the full SensorTrace Suite. This version includes support for the new UniAmp amplifiers.

You will need a purchased license key to activate the full SensorTrace Suite (Logger+, Photo, Rate and Profiling).

License keys obtained for SensorTrace Suite earlier than version 2.2 will not be valid. If you have an old license key, please send us an email with your 4-digit serial number to obtain a new license key free of charge. You can find the serial number on a sticker inside the CD cover.

Click here to read the change log for SensorTrace Suite.

Click here to read the change log for Field Microsensor Multimeter Firmware.


Field Microsensor Multimeter Firmware v2.4.600 - March 19, 2020

Please message us and include your unit's serial number to ensure the correct firmware update for your Field Microsensor Multimeter.