Logger calibration
Free to download
Add motor control with SensorTrace Logger+
Record data from several microsensors simultaneously

SensorTrace Logger

Freeware for sensor calibration and data logging. Choose Logger+ to add motor control.

SensorTrace Logger is a free Unisense software that enables you to log, save, and analyze your microsensor data. The software enables you to easily calibrate up to 16 Unisense microsensors, and record data from several microsensors simultaneously. Read more...

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Free software for continuous logging

The data obtained from the microsensors are saved in an SQL database. This means that you can export all data in csv formatted files for subsequent data analysis in e.g. Excel.

During measurements you can continuously monitor the sensor signal via the strip-chart window for an instant overview of the entire experiment.

SensorTrace Logger offers

  • Free download
  • Compatibility with all Unisense amplifiers
  • Easy calibration of Unisense microsensors
  • Continuous microsensor measurements or single point measurements

Add motor control

You can take SensorTrace Logger one step further and add motor control to the software with SensorTrace Logger+. The motor control makes it possible for you to precisely position your microsensor and log the data accordingly.

You can access SensorTrace Logger+ by purchasing a license key for the full SensorTrace Suite.

Logger excel
Ordering information
Ordering information
Product Description
SensorTrace Suite
Freeware part of SensorTrace Suite for multi-channel data acquisition and sensor calibration
SensorTrace Suite with Logger+
Part of SensorTrace Suite software package - one license key for all packages