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Enabling Cancer Research

Presentation for the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research

Line Daugaard guides you through the use of microsensors in cancer research and explains how to choose the right tip size for your research application. She also shows you some examples, such as in vivo assessment of hypoxia in tumors, in vivo pH measurements in tumors, and a few other examples.


Microsensors in Cancer Research

Dr. Ravera from the University of Genova performed real-time measurements of the respiration rate of 4T1 cells during the addition of respiratory substrates and inhibitors. The MicroRespiration System makes it possible for you to inject substrates while measuring, and enables you to study the effect of adding e.g. electron transport chain substrates, inhibitors, or drugs to the cells in closed chambers. Read more...

Cell Culture Profiling

In this application note, a research group studied the oxygen consumption of a carcinoma cell monolayer. The studies were made possible with a set-up mounted on an inverted microscope to make it possible for the user to observe when the sensor tip touched the flask bottom. Read more...

Selected Publications in Cancer Research

Pericellular oxygen depletion during ordinary tissue culturing, measured with oxygen microsensors
Pettersen, Erik O. et al. (2005), Cell Proliferation, vol. 38, 257-267
Read more
Concentration-dependent metabolic effects of metformin in healthy and Fanconi anemia lymphoblast cells
Ravera, Silvia et al. (2018), Journal of Cellular Physiology, vol. 233, 1736-1751
Read more
Divergent targets of glycolysis and oxidative phosphorylation result in additive effects of metformin and⁠…
Marini, Cecilia et al. (2016), Scientific Reports, vol. 6, 1-13
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Discovery of a novel glucose metabolism in cancer: The role of endoplasmic reticulum beyond glycolysis an⁠…
Marini, Cecilia et al. (2016), Scientific Reports, vol. 6, 1-13
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808-Nm Photobiomodulation Affects the Viability of a Head and Neck Squamous Carcinoma Cellular Model, Act⁠…
Ravera, Silvia et al. (2021), Biomedicines, vol. 9, 1-16
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The human fetal and adult stem cell secretome can exert cardioprotective paracrine effects against cardio⁠…
Villa, Federico et al. (2021), Cancers, vol. 13, -
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