STOX sensor
fx-6 UniAmp
Detection limit: <10 nM
90-110 µm glass sensor

STOX microsensor

Measure ultra low oxygen concentrations (<10nM)

The STOX microsensor is a specialized oxygen sensor that allows you to measure ultra low oxygen concentrations in the lab or in situ. The sensor has e.g. been used to demonstrate that oxygen concentration in the oxygen minimum zone of Peru contains less than 2 nM oxygen. Read more...

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STOX Microsensor

Oxygen sensor with an added cathode

The STOX microsensor differs from the standard oxygen microsensor by having two sensing cathodes. The primary cathode corresponds to the cathode found in the standard oxygen sensor. The secondary cathode prevents oxygen from entering the sensor when this cathode is polarized.

This setup allows for frequent zero calibration in situ and thus enables the sensor to measure extremely low oxygen concentrations.

Specially designed microsensors

The STOX microsensor is part of a small portfolio of specialized sensors for niche applications or designed to meet hard-to-obtain requirements. This means that the microsensor requires special training, attention and often patience to use. However, when used with all precautions in mind, the sensor can serve your special needs.

The microsensor is custom-made for each sale and not part of our standard sensor portfolio. Therefore, the sensor is not covered by our general warranty.

STOX schematic drawing_1400x800
Cables & Connectors
Stirring Sensitivity & Response Time
Feature Standard
Total length 150-200 mm
Diameter 20 mm from tip <3 mm
Diameter 50 mm from tip 8 mm
Glass shaft diameter 8 mm
Plastic shaft protection diameter* 11 mm

*When mounted with in situ mini connectors, the shaft has no protection mounted, but fits directly into the in situ sensor mounts with pressure compensation. In situ sensors have a standard length of 130-160 mm.

Cables & Connectors
Item Standard Options Extra price for option selection
Cable Habia
Cable length 1.5-2 m 0-20 m Yes, depends on length
Connector LEMO
In situ gold pin connector No Yes
Attribute Standard
Guaranteed lifetime 6 months - non-physical damages (internal or external) only
Expected lifetime >1 year
Temperature range tip 2-50°C
Temperature coefficient 2-3% per °C
Range 0-saturated
Linear range 0-saturated
Detection limit <10 nM
Internal reference Yes
Internal guard Yes
Waterproof Yes
Spatial resolution Equals outside tip diameter
Signal drift Approx. 10 % per month
Stirring Sensitivity & Response Time
Item Stirring sensitivity Response time (90%)
STOX <2 % <20 s
Ordering information & Sizes
Ordering information & Sizes
STOX microsensor Size and description
STOX 90-110 µm - glass sensor
STOX-ST-1/4 1/4'' steel tube
STOX-SL-1/4 FT-cell 1/4'' Swagelok Tee
STOX-FT-GLASS-6 Glass FT-cell 6 mm outer diameter
STOX-FT-GLASS-8 Glass FT-cell 8 mm outer diameter

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Determination of ultra-low oxygen concentrations in oxygen minimum zones by the STOX sensor
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