Opto-F1 w. Optode
Opto-F4 UniAmp
Optp UniAmp back
1 or 4 channel microoptode meter
Zero-noise temperature compensation

Opto UniAmp

Optode meter for accurate quantification

The Opto-F1 and Opto-F4 UniAmp are compact and economical meters for Unisense MicroOptodes. They provide individual temperature compensation to each MicroOptode using the Opto-Temp sensor. Read more...

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Opto UniAmp

With 1 or 4 channels

  • Zero-noise temperature compensation ensures accurate oxygen quantification
  • Ambient light filtering technology for improved performance under fluctuating ambient light conditions, e.g. in situ
  • Bleach protection
  • Novel multi-component modulation improves sensor lifetime with 50%
  • Provided with SensorTrace Logger data acquisition software

The Opto-F1 and Opto-F4 UniAmp are USB-powered and fully integrated into the Unisense software SensorTrace Suite. This makes it possible for you to combine the MicroOptode technology with our broad microsensor portfolio, i.e. H2S, NO, N2O, H2, pH, Redox, and more.

Opto-F1 + F4
Sensor and Channels
Attribute Standard
Weight ~1500 g
Temperature range -10°C to + 50°C (<90% non-condensing)
Pressure compensation Integrated
Warranty 1 year
Sensor and Channels
Feature Standard
Sensor MicroOptode and Unisense Temperature sensor
Channels 1 or 4 (with individual temperature channel)
Feature Standard
Power supply USB
Interface and Software
Interface and Software
Feature Standard
Measuring principle Lifetime red excitation with near infrared detection
SensorTrace Logger (freeware) Included
Other Unisense Software Optional: SensorTrace Suite
Sampling interval Adjustable 1 sec. to 60 sec.
Software data output Excel and CSV
Ordering information
Ordering information
Product Description
Opto-F1 UniAmp 1 ch MicroOptode meter
Opto-F4 UniAmp 4 ch microoptode meter

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