Enabling plant science research

Below you will find an overview of our application notes within plant science. Click Application notes for a full overview.

The Winning Formula

Ole Pedersen, co-founder of Unisense and expert microsensor user, has applied microsensors in seagrass beds in the Caribbean Sea, rice paddies in the Philippines, and peat swamps in Australia. In this article, Ole shares "The Winning Formula" for conducting microsensor experiments. Read more...

Hypoxia in shoot apical meristem

Oxygen measurements in the shoot apical meristem demonstrated that the plants maintain hypoxic conditions to enable the production of new leaves. These measurements were made with a 3 µm O2 microsensor in a collaboration between 4 universities. Read more...

Measuring in Rhizosphere

In this study, microsensors were used to demonstrate how sulfide oxidation influenced the sulfide concentration at the root of a macrophyte. Read more...

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