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Test or Lease of Instruments

Unisense A/S welcomes you to evaluate our laboratory instruments before purchase. It is also possible to lease it if a longer testing period is needed or if you only have a small study.

Field systems and customized solutions cannot be tested for free or leased. All free test and leases are governed by Unisense A/S general sales terms and warranty conditions.

If you are from a country with an authorized Unisense A/S distributor please contact them to make arrangements. Their offering and conditions may vary from Unisense A/S loan or lease conditions.

Conditions for loan/demo of instruments
Unisense offers a free 2 week test period of equipment to ensure that you are satisfied with our products before a potential purchase.
Before any free test you must prepare samples in order to be ready for the test during the limited time period, and your expectations should be aligned with our support team prior to entering the free test agreement.

The test equipment must be handled with care and operated according to the descriptions in the manual. If the equipment is mistreated or not operated properly, Unisense will demand compensation.
As a general rule, sensors are not free during test as they are considered consumables, so they must be purchased.
The test is free of charge and the systems we send out are new unless agreed otherwise. If you decide to purchase the equipment, you will keep it and Unisense will issue an invoice for the purchase.
If a decision is made against purchase, you are responsible (also financially) for shipping the complete equipment back to Unisense by the end of the test period. If the equipment is not returned after 3 weeks, the Unisense equipment leasing conditions will commence. If the equipment is not returned within 6 months, an invoice for the full amount will be sent to your institution.

Conditions for leasing
It is possible to lease equipment from Unisense. Length of leasing period is calculated in months from 1 to 7 months.
The leasing fee is 15% of the total price of the equipment per month. An invoice for the planned leasing period is sent when the equipment is shipped from Unisense. Normal conditions for payment apply (30 days after receiving the equipment). If an extension of the leasing period is required, Unisense should be contacted and a new invoice will be sent.
All shipment costs are paid by your institution.

If you decide to purchase the leased equipment, the leasing fees will be subtracted the full amount. If the equipment is not returned within 6 months, an invoice of the full amount will be issued.
The equipment should always be handled with care. If mistreated or not operated according to the descriptions in the manual, Unisense will demand compensation.

Sensors cannot be leased.