DeepSea Lander System
In Situ UniAmp Deep w. sensor
In Situ UniAmp Deep connector
Field DataLogger
Measure up to 8 different analytes
Down to 6,000 m depth
Workshop and training included

DeepSea Lander System

Full ocean system for microprofiling or incubation studies

The DeepSea Lander System gives you a unique opportunity to do benthic studies at extreme depth. With many years of experience in adapting sensors and electronics for rough conditions and a strong collaboration within submarine instrumentation with KC Denmark, we offer a high quality solution for microprofiling and incubation studies in the deep sea. Read more...

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DeepSea Lander System

Completely automated profiling measurements of up to 8 different analytes

  • Automated chamber incubation studies
  • Full ocean to 6,000 m depth
  • Automatic redundant release system including option for satellite tracking
  • In Situ Amplifier and Connector System for easy handling
  • Powerful Field DataLogger
  • Ready for optodes and RS-232 devices
  • System programming via easy and intuitive PC software interface
  • Robust and accurate motor system for 1D, 2D, or 3D profiling
  • Workshop and training at Unisense
In Situ Sensor in Connector

Microprofiling or chamber incubation studies down to 6,000 m depth

The DeepSea Lander is released from a ship at the ocean surface and falls freely to the ocean floor. At the sediment surface, the internal computer starts the measurements. After measurements, the computer causes the release of the ballast and the DeepSea Lander floats up to the surface.

Each system is individually built according to the customer's needs. Landers of this type can also be equipped with gel peepers to enable analysis of compounds which cannot be assessed with sensors. The Field DataLogger gives you multiple integration possibilities with external equipment, such as I/O optodes, and ROV switches.

DeepSea Lander
Ordering information
Ordering information
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DeepSea Lander System
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Video guides

How to mount a microsensor in the In Situ UniAmp System
How to add electrolyte to deep sea sensor

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