Here are your primary contacts at Unisense. Behind them is a strong team of technicians, product developers, software developers who keep us at the forefront of technology. If you are interested in joining Unisense, follow us on LinkedIn or send us an unsolicited application at
Thomas Rattenborg

Chief Executive Officer
Ph.D. Molecular Biology

Mikkel Holmen Andersen

Chief Technology Officer
Ph.D. Biotechnology

Lars Hauer Larsen

Chief Scientific Officer
Ph.D. Microbiology

Tage Dalsgaard

Application Scientist
Ph.D. Biogeochemistry

Laura Woods

Technical Sales Scientist USA & Canada
Ph.D. Microbiology

Line Daugaard

Product Manager
Ph.D. Nanoscience

Tobias Sandfeld Jensen

Product & Marketing Specialist
Ph.D. Microbiology

Steen Alexandersen

Chief Financial Officer
M.Sc. Business Economics and Auditing

Mette Gammelgaard


Rasmus Duborg Hornsleth

Sales & Logistics Assistant

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