Enabling wastewater research

Below you will find an overview of our application notes within wastewater. Click Application notes for a full overview.

Mitigation of N2O Emissions from Wastewater Biofilms

Microsensors confirm that counter-diffusion biofilms have lower N2O emissions than co-diffusion biofilms. In this study, Professor Akihiko Terada and his research group at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology have investigated mitigation of N2O emissions in a membrane-aerated biofilm reactor (MABR). Read more...

Nitrogen removal in wastewater

A research group studied nitritation as a means for nitrogen removal in wastewater. In this study, they compared membrane aerated biofilm reactors MABRs (counter-diffusion) with conventional
biofilm reactors (co-diffusion) in order to evaluate the influence of environmental conditions and operational parameters on nitritation performance. Read more...