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Celebrating 25 years of microsensors!

We know sensors. And now we have a quarter of a century’s experience in making, developing and applying sensors.

Cable bacteria banner_1400x600
Microsensors used for sensational discovery

A conventional study about sulfide oxidation in marine sediments lead to the discovery of bacteria that function as living electrical cables

H2 microsensor for H2S environments

Have you ever tried measuring H2 in an environment that contains H2S?

Measuring Oxygen Quick Guide_450x260
New O2 video guide available

The choice between amperometric sensors and optodes for your oxygen measurements

H2 data feature_450x260
New and improved H2 microsensor

We have improved the electrochemistry of the H2 microsensor and thereby improved the sensor performance.

Spinout feature_450x260
Unisense creates new spin-out company

Another successful spin-out: SulfiLogger with an industrial sensor for accurate, continuous H2S measurements

Zeiss Stereo Microscope optimized for your microsensor work

Our experts have worked closely with Zeiss to optimize lighting, focal distance, and maneuverability for microscale measurements.

AQISE Eurostars Project

AQISE’s consortium aims to develop and deliver a cost-effective and robust microsensor bundle for water monitoring

Plant shoot apical meristem2_1400x600
Nature publication: Hypoxia in shoot apical meristem

A group of researchers discovered that the production of new leaves in plants is dependent on hypoxic conditions.

FDL Mini
Sensors that make sense

Newscast on Euronews presenting our contribution to the EU seventh framework programme named SenseOCEAN

UWM in the field 2
Diving in Greenland with the UnderWater Meter System

A research team used the UnderWater Meter System to study the spectacular habitat of the Ikka Fjord in Greenland