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New and improved H2 microsensor

We have improved the electrochemistry of the H2 microsensor and thereby improved the sensor performance.

The new version benefits from:

  • Fast response time. This graph shows the response for a H2-500 sensor.
  • Option to get a response time (90%) less than 0.3 seconds for H2-100 and smaller tip sizes.
  • Same response time regardless of concentration exposure and measuring history.
  • Shortened pre-polarization period (sensor signal stabilizes quickly after connecting the sensor to the amplifier)
  • Better signal stability (less drift). Calibration is not required as often as the old version.
  • Longer lifetime (expected lifetime > 12 months).
  • The new H2 microsensor must be polarized at +100 mV (NOT +1,000 mV as for the old version). The polarization is set automatically on the Unisense UniAmp series instruments.
H2 data_700x500

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