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Use the search field below to explore the abstracts of 2,905 peer-reviewed publications with microsensor applications or development.
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  • Aagaard, S. R. et al. (2005), Evaluation of a novel method for measuring tissue blood flow and gases, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part H: Journal of Engineering in Medicine, vol. 219, 71-75
    Read abstract
  • Aamand, Rasmus et al. (2009), Generation of nitric oxide from nitrite by carbonic anhydrase: A possible link between metabolic activity and vasodilation, American Journal of Physiology – Heart and Circulatory Physiology, vol. 297, H2068-H2074
    Read abstract
  • Aaslyng, Margit D et al. (2016), Inhibition of Heterocyclic Aromatic Amines in Pork Chops Using Complex Marinades with Natural Antioxidants, Food and Nutrition Sciences, vol. 07, 1315-1329
    Read abstract
  • Abe, H. et al. (2007), A Non-Invasive and Sensitive Method for Measuring Cellular Respiration with a Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy to Evaluate Embryo Quality, Journal of Mammalian Ova Research, vol. 24, 70-78
    Read abstract
  • Abessa, Denis et al. (2024), Has the Rio Doce “time bomb” been defused? Using a weight-of-evidence approach to determine sediment quality, Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, vol. 20, 148-158
    Read abstract
  • Abiko, Tomomi et al. (2023), Barley varieties tolerant to waterlogged reduced soil show the better root growth in hypoxia, Plant Production Science, vol. 26, 429-439
    Read abstract
  • Aboobakar, Amina et al. (2013), Nitrous oxide emissions and dissolved oxygen profiling in a full-scale nitrifying activated sludge treatment plant, Water Research, vol. 47, 524-534
    Read abstract
  • Abreu, Fernanda et al. (2018), Culture-independent characterization of a novel magnetotactic member affiliated to the Beta class of the Proteobacteria phylum from an acidic lagoon, Environmental Microbiology, vol. 20, 2615-2624
    Read abstract
  • Activities, Pharmacological et al. (2021), International Pharmaceutical Research of Modern, International journal of modern pharmaceutical research, vol. 6, 58-65
    Read abstract
  • Adamec, L. et al. (2007), Oxygen concentrations inside the traps of the carnivorous plants Utricularia and Genlisea (Lentibulariaceae), Annals of Botany, vol. 100, 849-856
    Read abstract