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H2 microsensor for H2S environments

Have you ever tried measuring H2 in an environment that contains H2S? We have.

It is difficult to get a proper H2 measurement without H2S interference. That is why our sensor lab has developed an H2S guard that makes the H2 microsensor insensitive to H2S up to 100 µM H2S or 1,000 ppm H2S in gas.

We have named our new microsensor H2-X. You can still choose our current H2 microsensor which we recommend for measurements in H2S-free environments. The two types of hydrogen sensors, H2 and H2-X, are used in the same way. The only differences are that the H2-X tolerates H2S and has a slightly slower response.

If needed, we can customize the H2-X microsensor to have an even higher tolerance to H2S than 100 µM H2S or 1,000 ppm H2S in gas.

Learn more about the H2-X microsensor.

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