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FMM Firmware Change Log

Here is an overview of updates made to FMM Firmware, for Field Microsensor Multimeter and Miniprofiler MP4. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to reach out to us. We strive to answer within one workday.

FMM firmware v2.4.600 (March 19, 2020)

  • New features
    • Added dual tool-support for FOM (2 or 4 channel) and Aanderaa optodes
    • Added Aanderaa Pressure Sensor 4117 support to tools incl. datalogging and data import into SensorTrace Suite
  • Fixed:
    • Full Chamber support (4 or 8 channels)
    • Issue where sequence was stopped/interrupted during manual control
    • Disconnecting power plug from external battery did not result in a shutdown.
    • EC kernel modul gpio-event updated for speed and better timing (sub microsecond update)
    • Group ID for profiles and optodes fixed
    • The manual controls panel needs to be checked. Using the manual motor tools make the FDL crash.

FMM Firmware Compatibility

FMM V1.6.500

SensorTrace Suite v2.3.300


SensorTrace Suite v2.4.xxx

SensorTrace Suite v2.5.0

FMM V2.1.0

SensorTrace Suite v2.6.xxx


SensorTrace Suite v2.7.xxx

SensorTrace Suite v2.8.xxx

FMM V2.4.200

SensorTrace Suite v3.x.x