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Cell culture profiling

Tissue oxygen levels to assess ex vivo brain slice quality

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Hydrogen/Renewable Energy
Plant science
Neuroscience Voss_Button Images_Application notes_700x400
Using tissue oxygen levels to assess ex vivo brain slice quality

Tissue oxygen partial pressure for screening and controlling for variation in ex vivo acute brain slice viability

Nitrifying Microorg_Button Images_Application notes_700x400
Microbiology Wastewater
Understanding the Denitrification Dynamics of Nitrifying Microorganisms

How nitrifying microorganisms are able to produce nitrous oxide through denitrification

H2 Water splitting_Button Images_Application notes_700x400
Hydrogen/Renewable Energy
Water Splitting Studies

Hydrogen and oxygen microsensors for direct and real-time detection of dissolved gas in photocatalytic/electrochemical studies

The winning formula_Button Images_Application notes_700x400
Biogeochemistry Plant science
The Winning Formula

Learn in the laboratory - explore and confirm in the field!

Sediment profiling analysis_Button Images_Application notes_700x400
Sediment Profiling Analysis

How to quantify the consumption rate of oxygen as well as the oxygen exchange rate across the water - sediment interface

Mitigation of N2O_Button Images_Application notes_700x400
Microbiology Wastewater
Mitigation of N2O Emissions from Wastewater Biofilms

Mitigation of N2O Emissions from Wastewater Biofilms

Nitrogen removal in ww_Button Images_Application notes_700x400
Microbiology Wastewater
Nitrogen Removal in Wastewater

The use of oxygen microelectrodes to study nitritation biofilms with different geometries

Biofilm O2 and N2O microprofiles_Button Images_Application notes_700x400
Biofilm – O2 and N2O Microprofiles in Samples from CF patients

O2 and N2O microprofiles in sputum samples from cystic fibrosis patients with chronic Pseudomonas aeruginosa lung infection

Biofilm P. Aeruginosa_Button Images_Application notes_700x400
Biofilm – Oxygen and Redox Potential in P. Aeruginosa

Oxygen and Redox Potential in Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Colony Biofilms

Biomedical implications H2 Drinking water_Button Images_Application notes_700x400
Biomedical Implications of H2-Enriched Drinking Water

Hydrogen microsensors used to document the possible positive effect of H2-enriched drinking water as a biomedical treatment.

H2 in mice_Button Images_Application notes_700x400
H2 Measurements in Mice

Analyzing gas cavity formation at implant sites

Cell culture profiling_Button Images_Application notes_700x400
Cell Culture Profiling

Studying oxygen conditions of in vitro cell cultures

Comparative medicine_Button Images_Application notes_700x400
Microsensors in Comparative Medicine Research

Oxygen Microprofiles in the Retina of Antarctic Icefish

Cancer research_Button Images_Application notes_700x400
Microsensors in Cancer Research

Oxygen consumption rate measurements of 4T1 cancer cells using the MicroRespiration System

Oxygen profiles in salty crustButton Images_Application notes_700x400
Biogeochemistry Microbiology
Oxygen Profiles in Salty Crust

Needle sensors used for profiles in salt crusts.

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