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Reference microelectrode

Reference electrode for pH or Redox microelectrodes

Our reference electrodes are simple silver/silver-chloride open-ended electrodes designed to work with potentiometric microelectrodes, such as the pH and Redox microelectrodes. Read more...

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Reference electrode

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For measurements with Reference electrodes, it is important that the measuring sensor is in fluid contact with the reference. For most purposes this can be achieved with a large macro-reference. For some applications the sample is so small, e.g. a droplet, that the reference must be as small as the measuring microelectrode.

  • Our micro-sized reference electrodes are glass electrodes manufactured at Unisense.
  • For in situ use, Unisense manufactures a pressure-compensated macro electrode.
  • For laboratory use, Unisense provides a macro reference electrode from Radiometer Analytical.
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Cables & Connectors
Feature Standard Options Extra price for option selection
Total length 150-200 mm 70-350 mm 20-50%
Total length REF-RM Approx. 190 mm
Diameter 20 mm from tip <2mm (not REF-RM) <1 mm 10%
Diameter 50 mm from tip 8 mm <2 mm 20%
Shaft diameter 8 mm
Shaft protection diameter* 11 mm Can be omitted

*When mounted with in situ mini connectors, the shaft has no protection mounted, but fits directly into the in situ sensor mounts with pressure compensation. In situ sensors have a standard length of 130-160 mm.

Cables & Connectors
Item Standard Options Extra price for option selection
Cable Co-axial, 3mm
Cable length 1.5-2 m 0-20 m Yes, depends on length
Cable length REF-RM 1.3 m
Connector 4 mm banana plug LEMO or BNC
Connector REF-RM 4 mm banana plug BNC
In situ gold pin connector No Yes
Attribute Standard Extra price for option selection
Lifetime >1 year
Temperature range -10-40°C
Reference type Ag+ / AgCl 30%
Waterproof Yes
Ordering information & Sizes
Ordering information & Sizes
Reference Electrode Size and description Options Extra price for option selection
REF-RM 5 mm - robust reference electrode
REF-10 8-12 µm - microelectrode 3-5 µm | 25 µm | 50 µm 20%
REF-100 90-110 µm - microelectrode 110-400 µm 20%
REF-N 1.1 x 40 mm - needle electrode
REF-NP 1.6 x 40 mm - needle electrode for piercing
REF-ST-1/4 1/4'' steel tube
REF-SL-1/4 FT-cell 1/4'' Swagelok Tee
REF-SL-1/8 FT-cell 1/8'' Swagelok Tee
REF-PEEK-1/8 FT-cell 1/8'' PEEK Tee
REF-PEEK-1/16 FT-cell 1/16'' PEEK Tee
REF-FT-GLASS-6 Glass FT-cell 6 mm outer diameter
REF-FT-GLASS-8 Glass FT-cell 8 mm outer diameter
REF-Insitu 5 mm - in situ electrode
REF-Insitu-ST-1/4 1/4'' steel tube - in situ
REF-Insitu-SL-1/4 FT-cell 1/4'' Swagelok Tee - in situ