Product Overview

Here is a quick overview of the Unisense product groups including a short explanation.

Sensors & Electrodes

O2, H2, H2S, N2O, NO, pH, Redox, Electric Potential, Temperature and more.

High quality microsensors for non-destructive, high spatial measurements are the foundation of our business.

Instruments & Meters

Learn more about our amplifier solutions.

We offer a wide portfolio from economic single-channel amplifiers to versatile multi-channel meters.

Lab Systems

Complete and customizable solutions for microsensor reasearch in your laboratory:

Field Systems

Unisense provides many great solutions to take your microsensor research into the field, under water and even to the very deep sea.


Unisense provides you with the SensorTrace Suite software package for data handling and analysis for your microsensor studies.

Auxiliary Equipment

Our product selection to complement and ease your studies.

Find information about micromanipulators, stands for lab and field work, calibration chamber and our Zeiss Stereo Microscope.